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Introduction ZDW Zenda active wheelchair

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CrioM eX
CrioM eX  Tilt in space folding wheelchair Seat width: 39,42 Seat depth: 40 Seat height: 50 Tilt angle of the seat -..
DUNA aluminum foldin..
Aluminum folding WC & Shower chair DUNA Aluminum frame 25x 2.5 mm Folding Frame Seat width (cm) 45 Seat height (cm)..
Folding wheelchair: UE (Universal Economic) Steel frame 25x1,2mm Seat width (cm)                  42,45,48 Seat hei..
SX500C Aluminum Power Chair: * Lightweight Power Wheelchair: 34kg * Aluminum-frame * The folding size: 82CM × 38CM ×..
Eleva K
Eleva KID Matrix Aluminum fully adjustable folding Wheelchair for Children Seat Angle -10° bis + 10° Efficient Seat de..
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